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Peach Earth Quartz Diamond Cage Necklace

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C a g e … the sentiment of preserving that which is precious.
Ancient stone tokens inspire the cage collection with the intention to protect that which we revere.

A capsule collection of one of a kind Neolithic quartz balls in 18 karat yellow gold.

  • Quartz Size: 12mm
  • Chain Length: 28" Curb Chain
  • Diamonds: 12 x 1.1mm round brilliant G-VS


Anne's Words:

"Many years ago on a trip to Tucson I purchased ancient stones from a dealer selling antiquities.
Having by-passed a career as an archeologist I fell in the love with the mysterious smooth, round orbs.
Learning that that these were used as a gift to send ones beloved to the afterlife, I was moved by the sentiment and intrigued at how each one would have been shaped for this intention.
I held onto these precious tokens for years before figuring out how they could be worn and appreciated.
Creating a cage would preserve the token’s integrity while allowing the wearer to view it."