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1.68ct Vintage Old Mine Diamond 'Anne' Bezel Basket Ring

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We love the unique sparkle and shape of Vintage Old Mine Diamonds and knew this one would be perfect in our "Anne" bezel basket setting.

  • 1.68ct Old Mine Cushion Cut Diamond
    Polish: Very Good | 
    Color: M | Clarity: VVS2 | Certificate: GIA#6227640449
    Measurements: 6.86x6.73x4.88mm
  • Bezel basket mount | ~1.4mm bezel width
  • Band 2.2mm Wide - 1.4mm depth | High Polish
  • Size 7 - Can be resized as requested

Vintage Old Mine Diamonds feature a squarish shape with soft, curved edges, similar to modern cushion cut diamonds.
These diamonds originate from the 18th and 19th centuries.
Cut and polished by hand, each each are entirely unique.
The proportions of old mine cut diamonds vary greatly from modern cut diamonds, Having a smaller table, higher crown, and larger facets than their modern counterparts. The proportions of the cut were just so that they sparkle brilliantly under candlelight. 
The prominent culet: the circle at the center of an old mine cut’s table, is an easy way to identify an old mine cut. 

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